Women’s Reconsidered Tailoring: 5 Exquisite Trends for Autumn/Winter 22/23

With Autumn/Winter 22/23 approaching, we are experiencing a fascinating shift in women’s tailoring. The dominant trends highly focus on sustainability, comfort, exceptional quality, and timeless appeal. This article uncovers five exquisite trends that women should consider when tailoring their wardrobe for the colder months.

Relevance of Oversize

Woman wearing an oversized blazer.

The oversized fashion maintains its popularity in the A/W 22/23 season. From chunky knitwear to men’s inspired oversize blazers, these pieces offer both warmth and a signature style statement. Pairing these can elevate your ensemble, offering a chic but relaxed silhouette.

The Charisma of Unisex and Androgynous Fashion

Androgynous fashion model wearing a tailored pant suit.

Transcending the conventional gender norms, unisex and androgynous fashion trends are gaining momentum. Tailored pantsuits, wide-leg trousers, and minimalist shirts bring a powerful, sleek edge to the attire, maintaining a perfect balance of feminine and masculine aesthetics.

Muted Color Palette

Tailored outfits in muted

As we move to more sustainable fashion choices, earthy and muted tones have taken the center stage in the color palette. Deep greens, warm rusts, soft grays, and timeless black offer sophistication. These colors are versatile and easy to mix and match, making them an ideal choice for tailored clothing.

Texture Exploration

 earthy colors.

This season, it’s all about texture! Velvet, corduroy, faux fur, and tweed are ruling the roost. Combining these textures in your outfits can add an interesting depth and a tactile element to your overall look.

Sustainable Fabrics

Different textures like velvet and corduroy featured in outfits.

With the ongoing trend in sustainability, choosing clothes made of recycled or natural fabrics is crucial. Organic cotton, wool, hemp, and recycled polyester provide warmth, durability, and comfort, marking them as excellent choices for tailoring.

These trends impeccably blend style, comfort, and ethics—a holistic approach to tailoring in the Autumn/Winter 22/23 season. So, reconsider tailoring and bring home these trends!

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