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The Power of Product Descriptions: How to Write Great Ones

A good product description can make all the difference in whether your customer buys your product or not. A customer needs to know what’s included, how it works, and what it does in order to be convinced that they need it. This guide will help you write great product descriptions that will sell your products—no matter what you’re selling—and help you establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

Be Specific

Great product descriptions sell a product. Poor descriptions make it more difficult for people to understand what they’re looking at. Essentially, the goal is to entice your audience and make them want more, and the best way to do that is with great copy. Here are a few best practices for writing your own killer product descriptions:
1) Keep it clear and concise by following these two principles

Use an Inviting Format

Introduce what your product is and what it can do
Tell them the benefits they’ll get from using the product
Point out any features that make it stand out from the competition
Show them how simple or complicated using it will be
Offer a money-back guarantee, or a way for customers to test drive the product without giving up their credit card information

Include Emotional Triggers

Product descriptions are often the only thing shoppers see before they make a purchase. Every item needs its own description, but do you know how to write one that sparks intrigue and makes them want to buy it? You want your product descriptions to include elements like emotion, personality, creativity, relevance and even humor. You can use any or all of these things in the descriptions for your products.

Include Compelling Features

The goal of a good product description is to inform the potential customer and make them want to buy your product. Learn how to write a good description by addressing these five things: 1) give the customer information about what the product does, 2) show the customer what sets this item apart from similar items, 3) specify if it’s applicable for one or more areas of life, 4) describe who might enjoy it and 5) list any other important details.

Build Trust with Testimonials

One of the easiest ways you can build trust with potential customers is through written testimonials. People trust the words of their fellow consumers more than any other kind of advertisement. The good news is, it’s pretty easy to get people saying nice things about your product or service. All you have to do is ask! An easy way to get customer feedback is by sending a survey using Qualaroo, or by asking for feedback in social media posts or forums.

Make Your Call to Action (CTA) Clear and Visible

A well-written product description can make the difference between a disappointed customer and an impressed one. Think about what the right words might be when you look at your item; do you want someone who sees it for the first time in store to exclaim ooh, I need that! or do you want them to walk away uninterested? In order for people on a web page to read through your whole description, you have to hook them from the start. Make sure to state all of the features and benefits upfront, including whether or not it is made in America, if there are any discounts available for buying more than one, etc. It’s important to address any potential concerns customers may have before they have even had a chance to think about them themselves.
In addition, make sure your CTA (call-to-action) is clear and visible so that people know exactly what they are clicking on.

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