Your Complete Guide to Furniture Handle Collections in 2023 – The Latest Trends in Home D←cor

Getting the perfect furniture handle is more than just ensuring functionality; it’s about adding unique aesthetic touches to your interiors. As we approach 2023, let’s delve into the top trends in furniture handle collections that you should be aware of.

Minimalist Modern Handles


Minimalism will be a significant trend in 2023. Modern, minimalist handles focus on clean, simple designs. These straight, sleek metallic handles add an understated elegance to any home. They’re perfect for homeowners aiming for a sleek, modern look.

Ceramic Knobs

 minimalist drawer handles in a sleek design.

Ceramic knobs are poised to make a massive comeback in 2023. These vintage-inspired handles come in various designs and colors. Ceramic knobs are perfect for adding a pop of color or an element of texture to your furniture pieces.

Leather Loop Handles


For a touch of luxury and sophistication, you can’t go wrong with leather loop handles. These upscale pulls offer a beautiful pairing of durability and elegance. They’re especially great for a modern minimalist or industrial d←cor theme.

Aged Brass Handles

 colorful ceramic knobs to revamp your furniture.

As vintage design trends continue, we can expect aged brass handles to surge in popularity. The warm, weathered look of these handle pulls offers a timeless, antique aesthetic that’s great for traditional homes.

Handle-less Doors

A pair of sophisticated leather loop door handles.

Shaking things up in 2023 will be the trend of handle-less doors. With a push-to-open mechanism, these doors provide a streamlined aesthetic for a sleek, modern look.

In conclusion, changing your furniture handles is an excellent way to refresh and update your home for 2023. Keep these trends in mind as you make your selection, and you’re sure to find the perfect handles that match your home’s interior design.

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