Unveiling the 5 Top Trending Sun Hats for Women in 2022

Protecting yourself from the sun doesn’t mean forgoing style. Sun hats are the perfect combo of functionality and fashion trends. This year, there’s a sun hat to suit every style, face shape, and outfit. Here’s our roundup of the top 5 trending sun hats for women in 2022.

1. Straw Fedora Hats

A woman wearing a neutral colored straw fedora hat.

Straw fedoras are the go-to hat for stylish women. They are versatile, lightweight, and perfect for casual occasions. The neutral-colored straw makes it easy to pair with any outfit, while the wide brim provides ample shade from the sun.

2. Gardening Hats

A woman wearing a light

Gardening hats, also known as bucket hats or Australian bush hats, have seen a resurgence in popularity. Originally designed to protect gardeners from the sun, these hats have found a new home in the fashion world. They come with all-around wide brims and are typically made of light, breathable materials.

3. Floppy Beach Hats

 breathable gardening hat.

Floppy beach hats with their wide flimsy brims and floppy design are a must-have sun hat for beach goers. They shield a lot of sun and pair well with beachwear, giving you a chic beach look.

4. Panama Hats

A woman flaunting a chic beach look with a floppy beach hat.

Panama Hats offer an elegant and sophisticated style. Traditionally woven in Ecuador, these classic hats are characterized by their high-quality toquilla straw and sophisticated brim shape. They are a perfect choice for a polished summer look.

5. Visor Hats

A woman showcasing a Panama Hat

An unexpected comeback, visor hats are trendy this year. They offer adjustable headbands and open tops, making them perfect for those wanting to protect their face while letting their hair breathe freely.

In conclusion, hats are an essential fashion accessory for the sunny season. They protect you from sun damage while making a strong fashion statement. So, make sure you include at least one of these stylish sun hats in your summer wardrobe this year.

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