Solar Energy Group Europe launches 150 MW agrivoltaic facility in Gjakova City

Solar Energy Group Europe has recently broken ground on a new 150 MW agrivoltaic facility in Gjakova City, Kosovo. The project combines two types of land use: photovoltaic panels and agriculture farming. This innovative approach, known as agrivoltaic technology, aims to maximize land productivity while generating renewable energy at the same time.

What is Agrivoltaic Technology?

Agrivoltaic technology combines solar energy with agricultural farming

Agrivoltaic technology refers to the practice of combining solar energy production and agricultural farming on the same piece of land. This is achieved by installing photovoltaic panels above the crops, creating a mutually beneficial relationship between the two. The panels provide shade and reduce water evaporation, while the crops help to cool the panels and increase their efficiency.

The Benefits of Agrivoltaic Technology

The Gjakova City facility will become one of Europe

Agrivoltaic technology offers a number of benefits over traditional solar farms, including:

  • Maximizing land use efficiency by allowing for both energy production and crop production on the same land
  • Providing shade for crops and reducing water evaporation, leading to higher crop yields
  • Creating a more sustainable and environmentally friendly form of energy production

The Solar Energy Group Europe Project

The project aims to generate significant amounts of renewable energy

The Gjakova City facility is set to become one of the largest agrivoltaic projects in Europe, with a total capacity of 150 MW. The photovoltaic panels will be mounted on a steel structure above the crops, leaving plenty of natural light for the plants to grow.

The project is expected to generate significant amounts of renewable energy, while also boosting local agriculture production. The facility will create jobs in the region and contribute to Kosovo’s goal of reaching 25% renewable energy by 2025.


The Solar Energy Group Europe’s new agrivoltaic facility in Gjakova City represents an innovative and sustainable approach to energy production. By combining solar energy with agricultural farming, the project maximizes land productivity while reducing environmental impact. With the potential to generate significant amounts of renewable energy, this project is a major step forward for Kosovo’s renewable energy goals.

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