Shake Up Your Style: 5 Superb 80s Trends To Rock Women’s Fashion Spring/Summer 2023

With the turn of each season, there is an opportunity to redefine and reshape ourselves through fashion. As we march into 2023, the beloved 80s influence is not slowing down. Let’s dip into these fabulous 80’s trends that are making a comeback.

Puffed Sleeves

Image of a woman wearing an outfit with puffed sleeves.

Associated with 80s power dressing, puffed sleeves are back in vogue in 2023. They are grand, opulent, and unapologetically bold. Perfect for the statement maker.

High Waist Jeans

Image of a model showcasing high waist jeans.

Fashion repeats itself and high waist jeans are proof of just that. With their flattering fit and endless styling options, high waist jeans have cemented their place in the spring/summer 2023 wardrobe.

Neon Colors

Image of neon colored clothes from Spring/Summer 2023 collections.

Neon colors were the heartbeat of the 80s and they are currently striking Spring/Summer 2023 collections. From electric blue to flamingo pink, neon hues are adding a wave of vibrancy to the season.

Power Suits

Image of a woman wearing an 80s style power suit.

The power suit, synonymous with the 80s era, is making a spectacular comeback in 2023. These dual sets have been seen in an array of colors and patterns.

Animal Prints

Animal prints go hand in hand with the dramatic 80s style. These bold and daring prints are returning as a strong trend for Spring/Summer 2023.

In conclusion, these time-tested 80s trends possess a real charm of their own. Whether you’re going for a complete 80s-inspired wardrobe or just a hint of nostalgia, these trends are sure to inject your outfits with a fantastical retro twist.

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