Preppy Fashion for Children: Unveiling the Best Trends in 2023

The resurgence of preppy fashion is well underway, and it’s not just for adults. In 2023, we expect this trend to translate into children’s fashion too, with a vibrant mix of classic pieces and fresh twists. Whether you’re looking for schoolwear or weekend outfits, here are the best children’s preppy fashion trends to look out for in 2023.

1. Polos and Khakis: A Classic Combo

A child wearing a classic polo and khaki combination

If there’s anything that screams preppy, it’s a crisp polo shirt paired with khakis. For 2023, expect softer materials and a mix of bright and neutral colors. Striped and patterned polos make for a fun update on this classic look.

2. Layered Looks with Cardigans

A little girl wearing a cardigan layered over a dress

Cardigans, typically reserved for colder months, are anticipated to become a staple for all seasons in 2023. Layer them over polos or dresses for a versatile preppy outfit.

3. Pleated Skirts and Dresses

A child model showing off a pleated skirt

Pleated skirts and dresses offer a feminine, polished touch. In 2023, these items will come in varied lengths, patterns, and colors, providing plenty of options for a preppy look with a modern spin.

4. Statement Blouses and Bowties

Statement blouses and bowties being modeled by kids

Expect a rise in popularity for patterned or ruffled blouses and bowties, proving a statement preppy piece can also be playful.

5. Customized Sneakers

A pair of brightly colored

Even preppy fashion can’t ignore the sneaker trend. However, a twist in 2023 will be the focus on customized, brightly colored sneakers paired with more traditional preppy clothing.

As a conclusion, dressing children in preppy fashion allows them to look stylish while still retaining their youthfulness. Keep these trends in mind as you shop for children’s fashion in 2023.

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