Meyer Burger Steps up the Solar Game: First Wholesaler for Solar Roof Tiles in Germany & More

In a significant leap, Meyer Burger has found its first wholesaler for solar roof tiles in Germany. This article also rounds up renewable energy news from Glennmont Partners, Midsummer, and 7C Solarparken.

Meyer Burger finds first wholesaler for solar roof tiles in Germany

Meyer Burger

Swiss technology company Meyer Burger has taken a significant step forward in the renewable energy sector by finding its first wholesaler for solar roof tiles in the German market. This exciting development comes as Meyer Burger expands its revolutionary line of solar products and solutions, fueling the shift towards renewable energies in residential and commercial sectors.

Glennmont Partners: Making strides in renewable energy investments

Glennmont Partners

Glennmont Partners, one of Europe’s largest clean energy investment firms, continues to make strategic plays in the renewable energy market. With a diverse portfolio of wind, solar and bioenergy assets, Glennmont is a key player in driving Europe’s green energy transition.

Midsummer: A clean energy pioneer


Midsummer, the Swedish manufacturer of thin film solar cells and panels, continues to innovate in its field with the use of renewable materials, energy-efficient production methods, and industry-leading efficiencies. Their novel solutions make solar energy accessible and affordable to a broader audience, reinforcing their global mission of distributing clean energy solutions.

7C Solarparken: Steady growth and expansion

The German independent power producer 7C Solarparken is set on its course of steady growth and expansion. With a sizable solar park portfolio spread across various geographies, the company significantly contributes to the global development of photovoltaic solar energy generation.

This roundup reflects the dynamic and exciting nature of the renewable energy sector. We see companies like Meyer Burger, Glennmont Partners, Midsummer, and 7C Solarparken driving forward with innovative solutions, contributing to a sustainable, eco-friendly future.

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