Germany’s Record Solar PV and Onshore Wind Installations till 7M/2023: An Analysis



Germany has always been a frontrunner in the global race for renewable energy, and the recent statistics indicate an outstanding achievement. By 7M/2023, Germany had installed Solar PV capacity of 3.67 GW and onshore wind capacity of 1.22 GW, further cementing its position as a renewable energy powerhouse.

The Scale of the Achievement

Solar PV and Wind Energy: The scale of achievement.

The installation of 3.67 GW of Solar PV and 1.22 GW of onshore wind energy is a testament to Germany’s commitment to renewable energy. Each GW of solar energy can power approximately 750,000 homes, meaning this installation could provide energy for over 2.75 million households. Similarly, each GW of wind energy can power around 700,000 homes, so the wind installations are set to provide electricity to approximately 854,000 German households.

Implications for the Renewable Energy Sector

Implications for the renewable energy sector.

This move holds significant implications for the renewable energy sector, primarily because it sets a precedent for other nations to follow. Germany’s commitment to renewable energy solutions will likely inspire other nations to invest heavily in renewable energy technologies, especially solar PV and onshore wind.

Benefits for Climate Change Mitigation

These installments contribute to global efforts for climate change mitigation. By moving away from fossil fuels and towards renewable sources, Germany is helping to reduce greenhouse gases and mitigate global warming. The shift to green energy also improves air quality, benefiting public health and the environment.


In conclusion, Germany’s impressive installation of 3.67 GW Solar PV and 1.22 GW Onshore Wind by 7M/2023 marks a significant milestone for the renewable energy sector. Its steadfast commitment to a green energy revolution sets a precedent for other nations to follow and is a crucial step towards climate change mitigation.

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