France Sees Impressive Growth in Solar Energy with 601 MW Installed in Q1/2023

France has continued its impressive growth in the solar energy sector with a new installation of 601 MW in Q1/2023. This brings the country’s total solar capacity to 18.5 GW, with an additional 4.5 GW of capacity currently under development.

The Growth of Solar Energy in France

A solar panel array in the French countryside

France has been steadily increasing its solar energy capacity over recent years, with a focus on reducing its reliance on nuclear power. The new installation of 601 MW of solar energy highlights the progress that France is making in this area.

Solar Energy’s Role in France’s Energy Transition

Workers installing solar panels on a rooftop in Paris

Solar energy is playing an important role in France’s energy transition, as the country looks to shift towards more renewable sources of power. Along with wind energy, solar energy is helping to power homes and businesses across the country, reducing France’s carbon footprint while increasing energy security.

The Future of Solar Energy in France

The impressive growth in solar energy in France is expected to continue, with the country pushing towards the goal of reaching 40 GW of solar energy capacity by 2030. This will require continued investment in solar energy infrastructure and research, but the benefits of a more sustainable and secure energy system make this a worthwhile investment.


France’s impressive growth in solar energy is a testament to the country’s commitment to a more sustainable energy system. With continued investment and support, solar energy will continue to play an important role in reducing France’s reliance on fossil fuels and nuclear power.

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