Capitalizing on the Lunar New Year Gifting Market: Strategies for the Beauty and Personal Care Industry

Lunar New Year is an important festival celebrated by millions of people worldwide, making it a significant sales period for industries including Beauty and Personal Care. This article presents key strategies to gain a competitive edge in the Lunar New Year gifting market.

Understanding the Significance of Lunar New Year in the Beauty and Personal Care Industry

Representation of Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year is marked by the giving of gifts, with Beauty and Personal Care products high on the list. Brands need to understand purchasing motivations and rituals that surround this festive period.

Designing Limited Edition Lunar New Year Products

Visual of a Limited Edition Lunar New Year beauty product

Limited Edition products designed specifically for Lunar New Year are a sure-fire way to spark shoppers’ interest. Brands can imbue products with cultural symbols and motifs.

Creating Value Packs and Gift Sets

A value pack or gift set catered towards Lunar New Year

Gift sets and value packs make appealing presents during Lunar New Year. Brands can bundle related products catering toward specific skin care or beauty needs.

Amplifying Brand Message through Festive Packaging

Special Lunar New Year packaging designs by a Beauty brand

Lunar New Year-themed packaging can add a festive touch and propel sales. Brands should tailor their packaging design to reflect the vibrant aesthetics of Lunar New Year.

Driving Sales through Omnichannel Marketing

Brands need to utilize all available marketing channels — retail, online, and social media — to promote their products and Lunar New Year campaigns effectively.

Understanding and employing these strategies can enable Beauty and Personal Care brands to ride the wave of Lunar New Year gifting to boost their holiday season sales and overall revenue.

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