Beauty & Personal Care: Unveiling the Seasonal Gifting Forecast for the 2023 Christmas and Holiday Season

As we approach the 2023 holiday season, the beauty and personal care industry is buzzing with anticipation. With the right strategies, businesses can maximize their profits and foster enduring customer relationships during this fruitful period. This article forecasts the trends and consumer behaviors that will shape the beauty and personal care gift market in the 2023 Christmas and holiday season.

A Rise in Conscious Gifting

Consumer making a conscious purchase of an eco-friendly personal care gift set.

Today’s consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental and ethical implications of their purchases. In 2023, this will translate into a strong preference for eco-friendly and ethically produced beauty and personal care gifts. Brands that prioritize sustainable sourcing, clean ingredients, and cruelty-free testing are expected to be the holiday season’s stars.

A Surge in Online Shopping

A woman shopping online for beauty and personal care gifts from her tablet.

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers have grown accustomed to shopping from the comfort of their homes. This trend is expected to continue well into 2023, with a surge in online shopping during the holiday season. Beauty and personal care brands will need to ensure a seamless online shopping experience, with easy-to-navigate websites, detailed product descriptions, and efficient delivery systems.

Customized Gifting Options

A selection of personalized beauty and personal care items as Christmas gifts.

Personalization is no longer a luxury but an expectation. Consumers are seeking unique gifts that reflect their recipient’s individuality. This trend will lead to an increased demand for customized beauty and personal care gifting options. Brands that offer personalization services, such as monogramming or tailored skincare kits, are likely to stand out from the crowd.

The Reign of Self-Care Gifts

After the stress and uncertainty of the pandemic years, self-care has become a top priority. This focus on well-being is expected to heavily influence the 2023 beauty and personal care gifting scene, with a rising demand for luxury skin care, wellness gift sets, and relaxation-focused products.


The season of gifting in 2023 will bring ample opportunities for beauty and personal care brands. Staying in tune with the trends of conscious gifting, online shopping, personalized gifts, and self-care products will be critical for businesses looking to make the most of the festive period.

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