Beauty Color Forecast for Spring/Summer 2025: A Guide to the Latest Trends

The beauty industry is ever-changing, and with every passing season, there are new trends to watch out for. Whether you’re a beauty enthusiast or a beauty professional, knowing the latest beauty color forecast can help you stay ahead of the curve. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the top beauty color trends for Spring/Summer 2025.

1. Bright Yellows

A photo of a model wearing a berry tone lipstick and eyeshadow.

Yellow is set to become the hottest color trend of Spring/Summer 2025. From bright lemon yellows to soft pastel shades, this color is versatile and can be worn on lips, eyes, and even as a nail color. This color works great on both warm and cool skin tones, making it a popular choice this season.

2. Coral Blues

A photo of a model wearing earthy green eyeshadow.

If you love blues but want to try something new, coral blues are the way to go. This color is a mix of blue and coral, giving it a unique and trendy vibe. This color is best worn on the eyes and can be paired with neutral tones for a pop of color that will catch everyone’s attention.

3. Berry Tones

Berry tones are perfect for Spring/Summer 2025, as they add a touch of warmth and vibrancy. From rich burgundy shades to soft pinks, this color trend is great for lips, eyes, and cheeks. These shades work particularly well on those with cooler skin tones.

4. Earthy Greens

Earthy greens are a lovely color trend that is perfect for those who want to experiment with bolder shades. This color works great on eyes and can be paired with neutral shades for a balanced look. From soft olive greens to deep forest greens, there’s a shade for everyone to try.

5. Burnt Oranges

Burnt oranges are the perfect color for those who want to add warmth and depth to their makeup looks. This color trend works great as an eyeliner shade or on the cheeks for a subtle pop of color. This color works particularly well on those with warm skin tones.

Final Thoughts

Spring/Summer 2025 is all about vibrant colors and experimentation. Whether you’re a fan of bold shades or prefer neutrals, there’s a beauty color trend for everyone to try. So go ahead and add some color to your makeup routine, and have fun exploring the latest beauty color trends!

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