Beanies 101: The Ultimate Guide for Men to Style it Right


Various types of beanies.

Embedding style in your attire is one thing, pulling it off with aplomb is another. Especially when it comes to accessories like beanies. If you’re a man looking to enhance your personal style, this guide is your ultimate handbook to wearing beanies the right way.

Know Your Beanies

An illustration of right fitting beanie.

Beanies come in different styles. Fisherman, Cuffless, Bobble, Slouchy – each type lends a unique look. Choose the one that syncs with your personal style and ensemble.

The Right Fit

A man pairing beanie with casual outfit.

Rightly fitting beanie is as important as your attire. Too tight and it’ll be uncomfortable, too loose and it could ruin your look. A snug fit that covers your ears (for cold weather) and doesn’t wrinkle too much at the top is ideal.

Pairing with Outfits

Assortment of beanies in different colors.

A beanie goes well with casual outfits. Use it as an exciting add-on to your jeans and t-shirt look or to amplify a simple jacket. Pair it with formal clothes only when the weather demands.

Color Coordinating

Choosing a beanie color that complements your outfit and skin tone can elevate your style. Stick with classic colors like black, grey and navy for easy styling. Experiment with vibrant colors and patterns once you’re comfortable with the basics.

Adorn It Right

Wearing it too high or too low can beat the purpose of the beanie. Wear it straight on your head, slightly angled to one side, or pull it down to your ears. Adapt the way you wear it with your face shape and hairstyle.


Finding the right beanie and wearing it appropriately can up your style game. It’s not just a winter necessity but a style statement. So go on, use this guide and redefine your look with a beanie!

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