An In-depth Look at Men’s Fashion Trends in 2023: The Emergence of Gloomy Hippy Style


Men’s fashion is ever-changing, and 2023 is no exception. As we delve into the new year, one unexpected trend standing out in the men’s fashion industry: the rise of the Gloomy Hippy style. This article will guide you through this new evolving trend and how it has started to shape the mainstream men’s apparel scene.

The Rebirth of Hippy Movement in Men’s Fashion

A flashback to the original Hippy fashion movement in the 1970s.

Hippy fashion, known for its freedom of expression and boldness, is making a return. This time, however, it takes on a gloomier, more muted palette, leading to the advent of ‘Gloomy Hippy’

Key Aspects of Gloomy Hippy Style

A man showing key aspects of the modern Gloomy Hippy style: Dark palette and oversized silhouette.

Gloomy Hippy blends bohemian silhouettes with darker colors and modern aesthetics. Outfits often combine oversized, flowing pieces with structured neutrals, creating a balance between light and shade, soft and strong.

Why the Gloomy Hippy Trend is Rising in 2023

A mass of young people embracing the emerging Gloomy Hippy trend

The Gloomy Hippy trend can be attributed to the societal shifts and changes in our world today. People are expressing their individuality and resistance to conventional norms through their choice in attire. This trend resonates well with those who are expressive and those who are drawn towards alternative styles.


As the men’s fashion industry continues to evolve, the Gloomy Hippy style stands as a testament to the freedom of expression and the spirit of individuality in the world of fashion. Embrace the changing trends and express yourself through your style with confidence.

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