Amazon Handmade Vs. Etsy: An In-Depth Comparison of Marketplace Pros and Cons for Sellers

As a seller, choosing the right platform to showcase and sell your products is critical. Two such popular platforms for crafters and artisans are Amazon Handmade and Etsy. Both platforms offer great opportunities, but each has its own unique features and drawbacks. This article will compare Amazon Handmade and Etsy and explore the pros and cons for sellers.

Overview of Amazon Handmade

Logo of Amazon Handmade

Amazon Handmade is a market within Amazon that allows artisans to sell their handmade goods. As a seller on Amazon Handmade, you have access to Amazon’s large customer base and various perks of the platform.

Pros and Cons of Amazon Handmade

Pros and Cons of selling on Amazon Handmade

Among the benefits, Amazon Handmade offers include greater visibility due to Amazon’s vast customer base and a professional selling plan. However, it also has its cons such as high referral fee and strict approval process.

Overview of Etsy

Logo of Etsy

Etsy is a well-known online marketplace for handmade and vintage items. It has a niche, loyal customer base and offers sellers an easy-to-use platform.

Pros and Cons of Etsy

Pros and Cons of selling on Etsy

Etsy sellers enjoy lower fees, niche audience and supportive seller community but also face competition from mass producers and may struggle with visibility.

Amazon Handmade vs. Etsy

Evaluating the pros and cons of both platforms, it comes down to the seller’s priorities. If you prioritize greater visibility and don’t mind higher fees, Amazon Handmade might be your best choice. If you want a supportive community and a niche audience, Etsy might suit you better.

Final Thoughts

Both Amazon Handmade and Etsy have their merits and demerits. It’d be beneficial to try both platforms and see which works best for your product and business model. Remember, the best platform for you would depend on your unique needs and goals as a seller.

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