Actis Sets Forth New Milestone in Renewable Energy: Acquisition and Development of 1.04 GW Solar PV Plant in Romania

In an effort to foster sustainable development and revolutionize Romania’s energy sector, global investment firm Actis has acquired rights to develop a 1.04 GW solar PV power plant in Romania through its portfolio company Rezolv Energy.

The Acquisition: A Win-Win Scenario

Actis and Rezolv Energy embarking on a promising partnership

The acquisition is a positive advancement for both firms. As a leading investor in sustainable energy, Actis aids in Romania’s green transition, simultaneously harnessing solar energy’s potential. Rezolv Energy, on the other hand, strengthens its market position with the development of this large-scale project.

A Promising Solar Project

The expected solar PV power plant

The solar PV power plant, one of the largest in Southeast Europe, has the potential to dramatically reshape Romania’s energy landscape. With an installed capacity of 1.04 GW, it harnesses copious amounts of sunlight and converts it into electricity, accelerating Romania’s move towards renewable energy and reducing its carbon footprint.

Actis and Rezolv Energy- a Robust Partnership

Actis and Rezolv Energy: A strategic alliance

The strategic alliance between Actis and Rezolv Energy underlines their shared commitment to sustainable energy. Since its inception, Actis has proven its remarkable investment prowess across clean energy projects. Rezolv Energy, backed by Actis, is well-positioned to forge ahead with the large-scale project and set a benchmark in the region’s renewable energy sector.

Celebrating the Green Future

With such strategic endeavors, Romania is poised to become a key player in the global transition to renewable energy. The project stands as a testament to the tremendous strides being made in sustainable development. It serves as a beacon of hope, sparking renewed enthusiasm for a green future powered by renewable energy. The move taken by Actis and Rezolv Energy is a progressive step in the right direction positioning Romania as a sustainable energy powerhouse.

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