A Deep Dive into Victoria’s VRET2 Re Auction: 623 MW PV & 365 MW/600 Mwh Battery Storage Capacity on the Rise


Conceptual image of the competitive selection process and its positive implications for Victoria

The renewable energy sector in Victoria has witnessed a significant expansion with the selection of 623 MW PV and 365 MW / 600 Mwh battery storage capacity under the Victoria’s VRET2 Re Auction round. This competitive initiative by the state government has introduced significant changes in the energy landscape, aiming to provide a cleaner and greener future to the people of Victoria.

The Selection Process and its Impact

Photo of solar panels under the sunlight

The selection process through the VRET2 Re auction round was rigorous, ensuring that the chosen projects were efficient and eco-friendly. The associated 623 MW PV capacity represents a massive boost for Victoria’s renewable energy portfolio. It is set to lower dependency on traditional energy sources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and contribute to overall environmental preservation. The improvement in battery storage capacity promises better energy management and improved power supply reliability.

The Role of Solar Power

 representing the 623 MW PV capacity selected under Victoria

The 623 MW PV (Photovoltaic) power will be harnessed through advanced solar panels, which make efficient use of the abundant sunlight in Victoria. This solar power generation will not only enhance Victoria’s renewable energy capabilities but also create job opportunities in solar panel production and installation sector, contributing to the local economy.

Enhanced Energy Storage

Graphic showing large-scale batteries illustrating the improved energy storage capacity

The 365 MW / 600 Mwh battery storage capacity selected under the VRET2 signifies an important next step for effective renewable energy utilization. It would ensure that even during intervals of low solar activity, energy can be efficiently stored and supplied, thereby adding to the resilience of the energy infrastructure and ensuring a steady power supply for Victorians.


Infographic displaying the renewable energy targets for Victoria

Victoria’s VRET2 Re Auction round, with the selected 623 MW PV and 365 MW / 600 Mwh battery storage capacity, charts a clear roadmap towards achieving the state’s renewable energy targets. These advanced technical solutions will undoubtedly foster a more sustainable and energy-efficient future for Victoria, augmenting its journey towards environmental conservation and green energy transition.

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