5 Men’s Tailoring Trends That Will Dominate Summer 2023

As we approach Summer 2023, it’s time to take a closer look at the rising men’s tailoring trends. From runway stages to international fashion weeks, the fashion industry reveals the latest innovations season after season. This article will delve into the top 5 men’s tailoring trends that we predict to rule the Summer 2023.

The Revival of Pastels

A suit rack filled with pastel suits in various shades.

Muted pastel tones are making a significant comeback in men’s tailoring. Gone are the days where bold colours dominated men’s wardrobes. Summer 2023 will see an influx of pastel hues in tailored suits, from light blue to soft pink, creating a softer and more relaxed aesthetic. Remember, the key to implementing this trend is balance and moderation.

Broad-Shouldered Suits

A man in a broad-shouldered gray suit

Taking a page from the late ’80s and early ’90s fashion playbook, broad-shouldered suits are making a resurgence. The returning trend of padded and boxy shoulders provides a masculine and commanding silhouette. However, the modern iteration dances along the lines of subtlety and refinement.

Lightweight Fabrics

 showcasing the 80

Summer demands comfort and breathability, making lightweight fabrics a top pick for men’s tailoring. Think linen, cotton, seersucker, and lightweight wool. These materials allow for airflow without compromising the structured look of tailored outfits.

Plaids Are In!

Various lightweight fabrics suitable for summer tailoring.

Plaids are not just for winter anymore! Summer 2023 brings plaids into the spotlight. Paired with relaxed silhouettes and lighter fabrics, plaid suits provide a distinguished yet casual vibe. Whether it’s gingham, tartan or checks, plaids are the perfect way to add an element of visual interest to your summer wardrobe.

Minimalist Aesthetic

A man dressed in a light plaid suit

Less is more when it comes to the minimalist aesthetic in men’s tailoring. This trend involves a cleaner cut, use of monochromatic tones, and minimal accessories. It speaks of sophistication, elegance, and a sense of effortlessness, a perfect symbol of modern masculinity.

In conclusion, Summer 2023 is all about blending comfort with personal style. Embrace pastels, play with shoulder width, enjoy the airiness of lightweight fabrics, get experimental with plaids or simply stick to a minimalist approach. These trends not only meet the seasonal demand for comfort but also showcase a shift towards vibrant, varied, and individual-focused fashion in men’s tailoring. Be sure to align these trends with your personal style, wardrobe needs, and lifestyle requirements for a stylish and comfortable summer.

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