5 Epic Packaging Designs To Elevate Your Soft Drinks Game



As the beverage industry continues to evolve, packaging design plays a pivotal role in attracting consumers and building brand image. For soft drinks, the packaging can say a lot about the product and its personality. In this article, we are going to expose you to 5 epic packaging designs for soft drinks that truly stand out in the crowded market place. From simple to bold, these packages are not only functional but they also serve as a visual feast that entices the potential buyers.

1. Coca-Cola’s ‘Share a Coke’

Pepsi bottle with a fun

In summer 2014, Coca-Cola replaced the iconic logo on their 20-ounce bottles with popular names. Dubbed as ‘Share a Coke’, this personalized campaign allowed customers to feel a personalized connect with the brand. The vibrant red packaging coupled with familiar names quickly stirred up an engaging conversation, making it one of the most successful packaging initiatives in the history of the brand.

2. PepsiCo’s Emoji-filled design

Mountain Dew bottle with unique

In 2016, PepsiCo responded to the growing influence of social media with their international campaign – ‘Say It With Pepsi’. This campaign featured 70+ unique emoji designs (Pepsimoji) on bottles and cans, making customers connect with the brand in a fun and social way. The colorful and expressive designs appealed to the younger audience, successfully enhancing brand’s image and engagement.

3. Mountain Dew’s ‘Green Label Art’


Mountain Dew launched the ‘Green Label Art’ project in 2007 which invited artists to design limited-edition packaging. Every bottle showcased bold and unusual designs, adding an artistic touch to the soft drink packaging. This campaign not only boosted the brand’s image but also allowed it to engage with the creative community, making the customers feel a part of something unique and exclusive.

4. 7Up’s ‘Feels Good To Be You’

In 2015, 7UP launched their ‘Feels Good To Be You’ campaign, featuring inspiring individuals with unique hobbies on their packaging. Along with the compelling stories, the packaging exhibited vibrant colors and illustrations that caught the eye. This campaign resonated well with consumers who value individuality and self-expression and cemented 7Up’s image as a youthful and energetic brand.

5. Sprite’s ‘Obey Your Verse’

In 2015, Sprite launched the ‘Obey Your Verse’ campaign, featuring inspirational quotes from renowned rap artists on their cans. The quotes varied from thought-provoking to uplifting, giving the cans a unique and engaging appeal. This campaign allowed Sprite to connect with its core audience in a unique and authentic way, strengthening its image as a brand that celebrates creativity and individuality.


The packaging of a product is often the first point of interaction between the consumer and the brand. It is crucial to remember the power that a great packaging design wields; it’s not just a protective and functional aspect of the product, but a medium of narrative, emotion, and differentiation. These 5 epic packaging designs for soft drinks remind us of the importance of innovative and engaging packaging and the significant impact it can have on product marketing and branding.

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