5 Awesome Women’s Soul Space Festival Wears for Spring/Summer 2023

Stepping into the Soul Space Festival isn’t just about the live music and arts. It’s about expressing yourself, connecting with like-minded souls, and showcasing your personality through your fashion. Celebrating individuality, we bring you five amazing women’s wear ideas that will lighten up your spring/summer 2023 wardrobe for the Soul Space Festival.

1. Free-spirited Bohemian Dresses

Bohemian dress with bright patterns

For a hippie-inspired look, go bohemian. Opt for dresses that flow freely with brightly coloured patterns and embroidery. Let your soul dancer out with the flared sleeves, tassels, and ruffled skirts. Accessorise with chunky jewellery, a straw hat, and a jute tote. The Bohemian trend never seems to die down and keeps recycled with new styles each year.

2. Eco-friendly Utility Wear

Woman wearing eco-friendly utility wear

The 2023 fashion trend is leaning towards sustainability. Opt for utility wear made of organic or recycled materials. These earth-toned outfits with functional pockets are not just stylish but conscious fashion choices. Think linen jumpsuits, denim overalls, and cork sandals. Complement your look with a canvas backpack and reusable water bottle.

3. Vibrant Festival Rompers and Jumpsuits

Vibrant festival jumpsuit

Rompers and jumpsuits in psychedelic prints scream festival fashion. These one-piece wonders are comfortable to move around in and yet stylish. Choose bold colours and psychedelic prints. Accessorize with layered necklaces, colourful headbands, and ankle boots for a classic festival look.

4. Waistcoats and Fringed Jackets

Woman in a layered waistcoat and fringed jacket

Layer up with waistcoats and fringed jackets. These can change the appeal of even the simplest outfits. Opt for bohemian designs with fringed detailing. Suede and leather are the popular choices. Pair them with high-waist shorts or maxi dresses and complete the look with cowboy boots.

5. Hippy Flares and Bell Bottoms

Bring out your inner hippie with flares and bell bottoms. These retro-style pants are a festival classic and highly in trend for 2023. Wear them in bright colours or unique patterns. Pair them with a crochet top or a tie-dye t-shirt for a retro festival look.

In conclusion, festival fashion is all about being comfortable, having fun with designs, and expressing yourself. These five soul space festival wear ideas are sure to make a statement for your spring/summer 2023. Remember, there’s no such thing as overdoing when it comes to festival fashion. The goal is to dress in a way that makes you feel the rhythm of your spirit.

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