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what is a postal code in shopee

Why do I need a postal code when shopping on Shopee?

Shopee has made it as easy as possible to make purchases from sellers located in your area, but sometimes you may be asked to provide a postal code. The postal code can be found on your package or in the same location as your name and address, typically on the left-hand side of an envelope. If you do not have your package handy or have misplaced the slip that came with it, don’t worry! You can still create an account on Shopee with just your name and phone number! You can even use Shopee to make purchases from sellers based in areas that are not near you.

Which countries are using postal codes

A postal code is a series of letters or digits used in a postal address to make sorting and delivery of mail more efficient.
While postcodes are used throughout most of the world, some countries – like the United States – don’t use them.
Other countries, like Canada and the United Kingdom, have postal codes that are alphanumeric.
In Shopee, your postal code is needed so that our system can better match you with available sellers and products.

How to search with a postal code

You can search for products on Shopee by using a postal code. This is useful if you want to find items that are only available in certain areas. To search using a postal code, simply enter the code into the search bar and hit enter. A list of results will appear, filtered by your location.

Common reasons why your order may be delayed

If you’re wondering why your order is taking a little longer than usual to arrive, it could be for any of the following reasons: 1) The seller is located in a different time zone and may not have had a chance to ship your order out yet. 2) The seller may be waiting on additional inventory to complete your order. 3) Your order may be going through customs, which can sometimes cause delays. 4) The shipping company may be experiencing some delays of their own.

How you can track your order more efficiently

A postal code is like a zip code in the United States. It helps Shopee to know where to deliver your order. If you provide your postal code when prompted, you can track your order more efficiently and ensure that it gets delivered to the correct address.

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