How to contact shopee customer service

How to contact shopee customer service?

How to contact shopee customer service

how to contact shopee customer service

There are some problems encountered by some sellers’ friends that cannot be solved, so they want to turn to the official customer service of the shrimp platform to solve the problem, but they don’t know how shopee sellers find customer service? Today I’ll tell you the specific operation method!

1. Telephone contact

Shopee always has telephone customer service to serve the sellers of various sites. One is the seller service hotline and the other is the contact number of Shenzhen headquarters. 400-126-8888,(86)0755-21537015

Sellers can respond to various problems you encounter on the platform through the above two calls. At the same time, they can also ask the platform for various questions about the store, such as how to settle in shopee, how to operate the seller center, logistics and order service, etc. Shopee’s customer service hotline also has time regulations, usually from 9:00 to 18:30 from Monday to Friday. If it’s a non investment hotline, it’s from 9:00 to 18:30 from Monday to Sunday, except for legal holidays. Please come and feed back your questions at the specified time.

Of course, different sites have different contact information. Here are the specific contact information of each site.

Malaysia railway station: 03-2298-9222

Singapore station: 65-6206-6610

Indonesia station: 021-8064-7100

Thailand station: 02-017-8399

Taiwan station: 02-6636-6559

Philippines station: 02-8850-200

Each seller can call the corresponding shopee customer service through the contact information of their own site to coordinate and solve their related problems.

2. Email contact

If you can’t contact customer service by phone, you can also use email to feed back your problems. Shopee’s customer service email is crossborder-

When you respond to a problem by email, you also need to pay attention to a certain format. For example, the email title is generally in the form of store name + customer manager name + order number. The content of the email is mainly to write the description and response of relevant problems. Generally, the response time of shopee customer service team is within one working day.

For different sites, there are different customer service and rules.

Among them, the common languages of Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and the Philippines are English, English, Chinese and English. The sellers of these sites need to provide customer service services for the buyers themselves; In Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam, the common languages of the three sites are Thai, Indonesian and Vietnamese respectively. The platform is equipped with customer service teams for sellers of the three sites to provide customer service services for buyers.

After the seller opens stores in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam, the seller needs to contact its customer manager to help establish a customer service QQ group with the local customer service team, so that the local customer service can provide customer service assistance to the seller in time. After establishing a QQ group with the local customer service team, there are still some places to pay attention to. The seller needs to know.

After establishing a customer service QQ group with the local customer service team, you should pay attention to:

(1) If the seller changes the store login password, please inform the customer manager and customer service personnel in time, otherwise the local customer service cannot log in to your store and provide customer service for you in time;

(2) Please don’t open the chat window. After the chat window is clicked, the message will be read by default, and the customer service personnel will only reply to the unread information; If you accidentally open the chat window, please inform the QQ group with the local customer service to avoid missing the buyer’s message;

(3) If the seller finds that there are more chat messages and the local customer service does not reply, it can remind the local customer service in the QQ group to reply as soon as possible;

(4) If the seller has a customer service team that can provide customer service for small language sites on its own, and does not need shopee to provide customer service, please inform its customer manager.

As long as you follow the methods specified above, you can contact the customer service in time to solve your related problems. For some urgent problems, I suggest you contact by telephone, so that you can solve your problems in time.

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