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Does shopee ship to usa?

can shopee ship to usa?

May people now ask about the question: does shopee deliver to usa? or does shopee ship internationally, so today help you find the answer.

shopee global site

By visiting shopee’s official website, we can see that shopee does not support the U.S. station at present, so shopee cannot ship to the United States.
If you want to buy cross-border goods, you can consider buying more from AliExpress or Shein‘s website.

and if you want to wholesale product, you. can go to the Alibaba Platform.

Shopee’s sellers have existing delivery methods

  1. for Chinese mainland sellers, cross border logistics at shopee Taiwan station mainly uses Tantong, Shun Feng and shopee’s own channel SLS, providing two services to store distribution and door-to-door service. The door-to-door delivery is finally delivered to SF express and black cat express, and the delivery to the store is delivered to the designated convenience store or family convenience store, which is picked up by the buyer. If the first delivery is not successful, black cat Express has seven days of free delivery, and there is no second delivery service for in store delivery.

  2. Shopee cross-border logistics in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand mainly use three channels: shopee’s own channels SLS, LWE and postal parcels. At the same time, it can also provide B2C shipping services for the seller through third-party channels.

  3. Indonesia Shope’s cross-border logistics service mainly uses Shope’s own channel SLS and Indonesia LWE’s logistics channel. Due to local logistics conditions, the postal channel is temporarily closed.

  4. Shopee’s cross-border logistics services in the Philippines mainly use shopee’s own channel SLS. The Philippines supports cash on delivery and non cash on delivery. Non cash on delivery packages require the buyer to pay for goods and freight online when placing an order, which can be completed by credit card, bank transfer, etc. For the package with cash on delivery, the logistics supplier collects the payment and freight from the consignee. The buyer does not need to make any online payment after placing the order.

  5. shopee Vietnam Logistics: shopee Vietnam’s cross-border logistics company has opened SLS channels, and now it is open to Chinese mainland sellers only. Vietnam currently only supports cash on delivery services. The package of cash on delivery is to collect the payment and freight from the consignee through the logistics supplier. The buyer does not need to make any online payment after placing an order.

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