does shopee accept cash on delivery

does shopee accept cash on delivery

does shopee accept cash on delivery

First answer the question, the answer is: YES, but to distinguish between regions and countries, not all countries support it.

shopee cod support
shopee cod support

shopee supports cash on delivery in the following countries

Cash on delivery, that is, the user chooses to pick up the goods by 7-11 after placing the order. After the goods are delivered to the designated store, the user can pick up the goods and then pay for the checkout. Shopee supports cash on delivery sites in Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

What is Cash on delivery?

Cash on Delivery, also known as Cash On Delivery, COD for short, refers to the payment method in which the buyer pays the payment in cash at the receiving site when the buyer signs for the package. Hereinafter referred to as COD.

Buyers can also use filters to filter for cash on delivery when searching for products that accept COD.

does shopee accept cash on delivery
does shopee accept cash on delivery

Taiwan cash on delivery method

• Shopee Taiwan supports COD (cash on delivery) and Non-COD (non-cash on delivery) payment methods.

  • Non-COD packages need to be paid online by the buyer when the buyer places the order. Credit card, bank transfer, etc. can be used;

  • For COD packages, payment and shipping charges are collected from the recipient through 7-Eleven convenience stores, and buyers do not need any online payment after placing the order.

• Currently, the cash on delivery service of home delivery is not supported.


  1. Shopee Auction Taiwan Station supports the black cat home delivery logistics method, which must be paid online first, and then shipped. For high-value products, it can be set as black cat home delivery as appropriate, and the merchant needs to bear the handling fee paid by the buyer’s credit card. The disadvantage is that, in addition, the activation rate of local credit card online banking in Taiwan is not very high, many shopee users cannot complete online payment, and they are more accustomed to using cash on delivery. The conversion rate of products set to Black Cat Home Delivery will be affected.

  2. After the customer places an order, review the user’s pickup rate, and deliver goods carefully to new users and customers whose pickup rate is not 100%.

  3. If there is a second reminder on the platform and the order is not picked up, the merchant can fully communicate with the user and try to persuade them to complete the order. Shopee users are all real-name users, and their ID cards are required to pick up the goods. If they fail to pick up the goods for many times, their account will be blocked. Therefore, it is also necessary to let users know the seriousness of not picking up the goods.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. For cash on delivery orders, the buyer information does not have a name, and the store does not allow pickup?

This kind of express will not be returned to the seller, and the buyer cannot pick up the goods; it is recommended that the buyer fill in the correct name that matches his ID name when placing the order, because the buyer needs to provide an ID to pick up the goods; the seller must check before delivery and confirm the buyer’s name,

Avoid being unable to pick up due to name problems.

2. For cash on delivery orders in Taiwan, what should I do if the buyer does not pick up the goods and does not reply to the message? Are there any relevant penalties for buyers?

• Can contact local customer service to help contact buyers.

• Buyers who do not pick up the goods for three times will be disqualified from cash on delivery by the system for 1 month.

• If the buyer refuses to withdraw for many times, the credit value will decrease.

3. What should I do if I am worried that the buyer will not receive the goods?

If you are really worried about the cash on delivery problem, you can click Cancel the order and click "This buyer is not eligible for cash on delivery" as the reason for cancellation. Please confirm that you have indeed selected this reason, and if the buyer is still willing to place an order, just choose another payment method.

4. How reliable is the buyer’s pickup record?

The buyer’s pick-up record is based on the buyer’s past order record, which can be used by the seller as a reference, but this information is not used to 100% accurately predict the buyer’s future order status.

5. How to deal with cash on delivery (COD) buyers who do not pick up the goods? Can it be shipped again?

It will not be re-delivered. If the order amount exceeds TWD 640, Shopee will return the items in the order to the seller for free, and will not be returned if the order amount does not exceed TWD 640.

6. For cash on delivery orders, can the delivery time be extended?

Without the function of extending the pickup time, cash on delivery orders that are not picked up within seven days will be returned to the Taiwan Logistics Center and will not be re-delivered.

7. What does it mean to close the store? How to deal with it?

• Store closed transfer means that the store under the buyer’s cash-on-delivery instruction is closed, and you need to transfer to another store to pick up the package.

• The buyer directly calls the Taiwan customer service for processing.

8. After the store was closed, I tried to change the address online, but there was no response, what should I do?

• It is recommended that buyers fill in the new address in the station letter or call the local customer service in Taiwan to inform the new store.

Note: If it is provided multiple times, the first message received shall prevail.

9. If the store is closed and the logistics information cannot be found, how to deal with it?

• The logistics status cannot be found when the store is closed, and the buyer needs to provide a new store to have a new status. The specific processing methods are as follows:

  • Shopee will push a PN (internal letter), and buyers can fill in the new store in the PN;

  • Please call the Taiwan customer service 02-66366559 and inform the new store.

  • The above will be rescheduled for delivery within 2-3 days.

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