can i trust aliexpress? What is AliExpress?

Can i trust AliExpress

YES! You can trust AliExpress!

Because of China’s strong supply chain and commodity richness, Chinese products will become very cheap, so everyone likes to shop on cross-border e-commerce platforms.
Well known websites include aliexpress, Amazon, etc.
At this time, many users will be concerned about whether aliexpress is legal or trustworthy?
Here we will introduce aliexpress.

AliExpress new six values

What is AliExpress?

Aliexpress is a cross-border e-commerce platform created by Alibaba for the international market. It is called "international Taobao" by the majority of sellers. Global Express sells to overseas buyers, guarantees transactions through Alipay international accounts, and uses international logistics channels to transport goods. It is the third largest English online shopping website in the world.

Development status:

Global Express is Alibaba’s online trading platform for the international market. Founded in 2010, it has customers and buyers in more than 220 countries and regions, covering 30 first-class industry categories such as clothing, 3C, home, jewelry and so on.
In March 2019, Alibaba’s cross-border e-commerce retail platform Global Express launched online car sales service in Russia. Russian consumers can place an order directly on express, pay the advance payment, and pick up the car by paying the balance at the designated offline store.

Industry distribution

Global Express covers 30 first-class industry categories, including 3C, clothing, home, jewelry, etc; The advantageous industries mainly include: clothing, mobile communication, shoes and bags, beauty and health, jewelry and watches, consumer electronics, computer network, home, automobile and motorcycle accessories, lamps and lanterns, etc.


Transnational logistics :how long does aliexpress take to ship?

There are three types of logistics services on global express, namely postal packages, express Cooperative Logistics and commercial express. 90% of these transactions use postal packages.
China Post large and small bags and Hongkong Post large bags are characterized by low cost (for example, the approximate cost of sending a kilogram of goods to Russia is only 40 or 50 yuan), but the time limit of postal large and small bags is relatively slow and there is a certain packet loss rate. It is recommended to use them on the premise of good service communication with buyers.
Cooperative express is characterized by economic benefits, high cost performance and adaptability to international online retail transactions. It is launched by global express in cooperation with Zhejiang post and China Post respectively.
The four major commercial express is characterized by fast speed, high service, professionalism and efficiency, but the relative express price is relatively high. It is suitable for babies or transactions with high value and high requirements of buyers
When delivering goods, the seller can choose to deliver goods online through express according to different logistics services, or contact the freight forwarding companies in major cities to receive goods on-site.
See the detailed content in the extended reading: "express novice logistics classroom page"
How appropriate is the commodity price set on global express and how to calculate the logistics price
Generally, it is recommended to increase the profit by 20% – 50% based on the original price of Taobao. However, the prices of different categories are different. It is recommended to refer to the selling prices of similar products on the platform at the same time;
Get the logistics price through the logistics price query or consult the local freight forwarder. You can include the logistics price in the sales price in the form of freeshipping, or list the logistics price separately.


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