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where is alibaba listed?

where is alibaba stock listed

Alibaba’s stock has continued to decline in the past six months, so many people began to care about where is Alibaba stock listed. Today, I’d like to introduce some information about Alibaba’s listing.

In 1999, it was listed in Hong Kong.

At that time, only alibaba.com was listed Com business, that is, the so-called B2B business.
But with the development of Alibaba group, there are more and more businesses in the group, including Taobao, nail, Alipay, aliyun and so on. So about in 2003, Alibaba withdrew from Hong Kong.

Second overall package listing

Later, Alibaba was listed again in the United States. But at the same time, due to risk aversion, it was listed in Hong Kong again in 2020.

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